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Freewrite 2

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He flicks the lighter, shuts it, throws it into his other palm. Repeats.
‘This is it. We get out of here, and we jump.’
Flick, click, shut, toss.
‘You ready?’
I nod, mechanical, my neck muscles are iron.
He stands and opens the door. The city rushes towards us as the shuttle hurtles down the cable. We cut the brakes and engines two minutes ago.
I step to the edge with him. I want to hold his hand.
He puts his hand on the button that will deploy his wings, and he looks at the city – surrounded by water, caught in a web of cable lines. Our target. Our home.
With his other hand, he pockets his lighter.
He jumps without a look back. I feel the edge of the metal doorway under my soles.
I watch him fall and – before I can convince myself that he’s okay – I push myself over the edge after him.
A flash of red. His wings deploy. I fumble for my button, trying to aim with the wind rushing in my eyes. What if I fail? How bad will it be to die like this?
Got it. Push. I jerk backwards, harness feels like its bruising my sternum. From falling, I float for a moment.
There. Paradise below me. People staring open-mouthed from shuttle windows.
He is far ahead now.
I open my mouth, turn my wings, and as I descend, rip-roaring-this-is-life, I scream.


Written by G.J.

04/10/2015 at 10:22 pm

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