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Savage Writing: Description

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This week the writing group was joined by the sketching group, so the task was to make a short description of an object, setting or situation for the sketchers to draw, while we wrote on drawings they had brought in. I left what I wrote on the table (it was pretty rubbish and silly anyway), but I still have the description I made.


It’s a modest attic room, under the eaves. There’s barely enough height for a grown man to stand, even in the centre of the room where the eaves meet. A skylight is on the left side of the roof, facing east; the sunlight streams through it every morning until it reaches the tiny camp bed on the opposite side of the room. A thin duvet and green coverlet lie in an intermingled heap on the bed, and the pillow has fallen onto the floor. There isn’t enough wall space for a bookshelf, so instead piles of books are clustered on the floor, towers of old inherited hardbacks amongst scattered new paperbacks whose covers are too flimsy and shiny to stay piled on top of each other for long. Hiding behind these piles are a few toys: an orange cat with pristine fur, and a doll with felt-tip pen make-up stained on her face. In a corner there is a bulging bag filled with older, abandoned toys; it is sagging because the toys keep being taken out, played with , and hastily shoved back in. Underneath the skylight is a small telescope covered in a film of dust. On the floor by its feet, a large colour book on constellations lies unopened, catching the sunlight on its glossy blue cover.


Barely anyone drew anything from the scene, ha ha. Not my fault that Matt came up with a shape-shifting killer octopus and Heather’s idea was a galaxy contained within a filing cabinet.


Written by G.J.

15/11/2012 at 2:33 pm

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