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Savage Writing: Sun-kissed.

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Wednesday updates may be a little spotty for the next few weeks while I write up my dissertation. Riverboats will continue as normal.

This was the 250 word challenge for the Leeds Savage book that we’ll be publishing soon. (The other pieces I submitted for the book were this, this and this). I decided to do something a little different from normal, and realised it’d be good to put here now considering my past 7 updates have all been in first person perspective and this is skewing my image. I’m really a traditional third-person past kind of writer, but I think third person present and second person are underrated for their immediacy and impact.


You’ve never understood the term ‘sun-kissed.’ For you, the sun has two settings: ‘on’ and ‘off.’ ‘Off’ is the natural state: entire weeks smothered under a dome of cloud, whether there’s rain or none. ‘On,’ however, is far worse. ‘On’ is burning. ‘On’ is sweat and smell and discomfort, and the reminder that you will never be a story-book person who is immune to these things, but are doomed to your sticky, mortal unattractiveness. ‘On’ is exposure, being forced to strip to baser layers and show your white-and-purple pimpled flesh. ‘On’ is mass exhibitionism and mass judgement, hating every beautiful girl and non-beautiful girl and every topless and non-topless man, and sure you’re hated in turn. ‘On’ is glare on your screen and the nagging feeling that you should go out, because You Should, but you have no reason to, so you sit and struggle with You Should and the glare all day.

But one day, perhaps, you are restless. You have some spare change, and you’re low on milk, and the sun looks ‘On’ but you need milk and need to move and you can’t see your screen anyway.

Then you step outside and it is not ‘On.’ The temperature wraps around you like a baby’s blanket. There is no harshness or unkindness in the air. The rays touch your arms and your face gently, like a mother, and it is as if the world is hugging you, and saying, ‘It’s okay.’

You sigh as you finally understand: sun-kissed.


Written by G.J.

02/08/2012 at 4:01 am

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  1. Wonderful. So much encapsulated in such a short piece. Loving the idea of the sun as ‘on’ or ‘off’ as well.


    23/08/2012 at 12:45 pm

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